Wave I - Small (50cm)

Wave I - Small (50cm)

$40.00 AUD

Wave I is hand made with ethically sourced Australian native timbers. The structure has been designed to interact, support, and intertwine with any climbing plant. ⁣

This playful piece captivates any room. The waves catch all angles of light, and cast some amazing shadows to create a real statement.

500 L x 25 W x 30 H (mm)

Timber - Messmate.

Ready to ship.

Wave I - Small (50cm) Image 2
Wave II
$40.00 AUD - $120.00 AUD
$55.00 AUD
Wave I - Medium (100 cm)
$80.00 AUD
Wave I - Large (150cm)
$120.00 AUD
$149.00 AUD
BOA - "Pockets"
$175.00 AUD
Boa II - Large
$295.00 AUD — Sold out
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