Wave II (100cm)

Wave II (100cm)

$75.00 AUD

Orangeya glad it’s here? Wave II is made with 100% recycled HDPE plastic denoted with a 2♻️ on the back of consumer products.⁣

Think of goods like plastic bags, milk bottles, & detergents to name a few items that have made up this Wave II.⁣

Durable, strong, & dense. We can upcycle Wave II yet again into future product lines.⁣

Wave II. Supporting your plants, and our environment.⁣

Wave II (100cm) Image 2
Wave I - Small (50cm)
$40.00 AUD
Wave I - Medium (100 cm)
$75.00 AUD
Wave I - Large (150cm)
$110.00 AUD
Boa - 70cm
$175.00 AUD
Boa - 120cm
$280.00 AUD
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